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  • 小批量

    1kg to sell
    5kg From

  • 多颜色

    Thousands of colors

  • 快生产

    3 Day proofing
    10 Day shipping

  • 高质量

    delivery 99%
    Pass rate 98%

  • 快报价

    1 Days within the fast offer

  • 快补货

    Mass production
    Replenishment fast




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Lianxing Thai Tang Hua is a research and development, production and sales as one of the environmental protection heat transfer Tang Hua enterprises. 1998 was established in Shenzhen Longgang, in 2010 moved to the world's industrial manufacturing city of Dongguan. The company after more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, has now become the Pearl River Delta region heat transfer industry one of the most powerful enterprises. The company's main thermal transfer Tang Hua's production and sales, supporting 兼营 all kinds of Tang Hua materials. Products are mainly applied to: clothing, shoes and hats, handbags, leather products, boxes, umbrellas and other industries. The main products are: flocking transfer paper, multi-color flocking, flat, Offset, infiltration, sublimation, reflective, bronzing platinum, onion powder, PET foam, high pull swimwear, water Mark and other thermal transfer heat transfer and All kinds of environmental protection Tang Hua materials...more >>

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